The Rise of the Patient Partner

Patient partners play a critical role in improving health equity and the value of a patient and provider partnership in care. Patient partners are individuals who are directly affected by a particular health problem or condition, either through a “patient-lived experience” or “patient-identified” by someone close to them. Regardless of the severity of their condition, patient partners have a personal stake in ensuring that healthcare providers are doing everything possible to help them get better and stay healthy throughout their lives.

Benefits of Patient Partners

Patient partners can provide valuable insights into their experiences and views that may not be available through traditional research methods. For instance, patient partners can help researchers understand the needs of their communities and provide insight into which questions are most pressing within those communities. They may also assist in designing studies by providing feedback on study designs or recruiting participants for clinical trials.

In addition to helping shape the future of medicine, patient partners are playing an increasingly important role in improving healthcare delivery worldwide. By working with them throughout the process, patient partners can ensure that their perspectives are included in any new knowledge that emerges from research.

At Health Evolve, the rise in patient partners is our most significant opportunity to close the health equity gap. Our Health Culture Index is the first global tool to understand the patient value system – collecting patient stories and translating them into meaningful, measurable analytics. This data is critical in fostering patient partners and contributing to study design, recruitment, and retention processes, which are crucial to any clinical trial. Patients are often the best source of information about their own conditions and needs. Patient partners are helping researchers identify areas that have been overlooked or underserved by medical research and ensure that the results of studies are relevant to them.

Join the United States of Care and us for their 5th anniversary as they convene an influential collective of trailblazers at the intersection of health care, policy and advocacy, and private sector innovation for a critical conversation to drive change for an equitable health care system. 

Our CEO/Founder, Kim Smith, will be discussing the “Power of Partnerships” with Jennifer DeYoung, Senior Director of United States of Care, and Dr. Jay Bhatt, Managing Director of Deloitte’s Health Equity Institute at 12:00 pm.

Dear Health Care will pose an open letter to the health care system and present an actionable roadmap for sustained impact. Together, lasting change is possible – join us

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