Show Respect by Listening to Understand

It’s important to treat people with respect, dignity, and empathy. Patients who feel respected are more likely to trust you, follow your treatment plans more closely, and have better outcomes.

“…respect is perceived uniquely by each patient and may differ across cultures and communities [16], so understanding specific actions and behaviors that demonstrate respect for those perceiving it within a particular context is essential.”

Source: NIH

Here are 3 ways to show respect:

  1. Listen to understand.

Ask for their opinions and concerns. Listen for what matters most to them and what they expect or want from you. It’s especially important to listen to understand when providing virtual care.

  1. Use non-verbal cues.

Use eye contact, facial expressions, body language, and a calm tone to show you are paying attention and listening intently.

  1. Validate their feelings.

Make time to discuss their choices. If they feel rushed, they may not speak up. Let them know that their opinion and concerns are important to you. Validate their emotions, and they will feel more seen and heard.

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