A Founder’s Story

The evening of March 11th, 2012 changed my life forever. My husband and I had just returned home after visiting family in rural South Carolina. I was 22 weeks gestation – pregnant with our daughter Lauren. Upon pulling up in the driveway, I felt an unbelievable pain in the upper right side of my belly. In the days to follow, I became a bereaved young mom, high-risk postpartum woman, and HELLP Syndrome survivor – being discharged with a list of medications and empty arms. Thankfully my story does not end there, but it did lead me here with you. After 18 years of hospital and medical group leadership and over a decade of women and child health advocacy work, I launched Health Evolve Technologies. Our team of physicians, social scientists, and developers are committed to changing the narrative around health disparities for women and families through technological innovation and research. Will you join us?


There is no better time than now to improve the cardio-metabolic outcomes for women. At Health Evolve, our digital application serves as a innovative bridge – connecting women directly to members of their health village in a virtual space. With the click of a button, our members are able to do the following:

  • Receive their risk score related to hypertension, mental health and type1 diabetes in one assessment 
  • Invite people in on their health journey 
  • Monitor and understand their health and social needs
  • Manage their personal care goals with AI
  • Share insights with their care team
  • Connect with a licensed therapist and community resources


Employers and health organizations already know the power of an informed patient partner in reducing costs and improving their overall health. Health Evolve is here to partner with you. Contact our team to learn about our pilot program and discuss enterprise partnership opportunities