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Our comprehensive and simple tools equip patients as partners and position providers with clinical insights needed for a personalized care experience.

Connecting research, tech and people.

Health Evolve Technologies is committed to achieving equity in care and culture. Our team of experts are designing research-based proprietary technologies that will transform our approach to taking care of people. 

  • There is a growing market need for diversifying clinical trials and building culturally competent decision support tools.

  • Our B2B Model supports the diversity, equity and inclusion  health strategies for global employers with 10,000 or more employees, pharmaceutical firms, health plans, and hospital systems.  

Best solutions

Research Insights from Patient Partners

Health Culture Index 

The Health Culture Index is a global tool designed to understand the patient value system – collecting patient stories and translating them into meaningful and measurable analytics. 


Patient Partnership

Position your people as partners in their own care. The patient voice is one of the most underrated commodities needed to close the gap on health equity. Existing data sets and surveys often unintentionally exclude the diverse patient experiences. 

The Health Culture Index looks at 4 domains and 16 data points – connecting patient experiences with engagement in their health ecosystems.  Allow our metrics to help you validate or design a strategic framework for:

  • Clinical Trial Diversity Action Plans
  • Employee Wellness Benefits
  • KPI-driven Patient Advisory Councils
  • Inclusive Healthcare Programming
  • Health Disparities Impact Reports
  • Health Equity Policy Advocacy